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Founders Day Parade 2023


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Our mission at Gadsden Elementary School is to motivate students, deliver a high quality education and provide a safe learning environment for ALL by setting high expectations, working collaboratively with parents and community to achieve student success in a global society.

School Highlights

Ambassadors of Excellence

The Ambassadors of Excellence program aims to celebrate and honor students who have demonstrated exceptional academic performance, leadership skills, and community involvement. By acknowledging these accomplishments, the program encourages students to continue striving for excellence and inspires others to follow their example.
donate now

Donate Now!

Steps in Donating:
1. What is it?
Arizona Law (A.R.S. 43-1089.01) allows taxpayers to receive a tax credit of up to $200 for a single individual or a head of household and $400 for a married couple filing a joint return for donations that benefit students in our public school. That's not just a deduction, it's a tax credit-it reduces what you owe in the state taxes, dollar -for-dollar.
2. Who can benefit from this law?
All Arizona tax payers are eligible: you do not have to have children within the school district to benefit from this law. You can now donate through April 15 each year and claim your donation on the previous or current tax year.
3. What qualifies?
By law, only donations to extracurricular activities, such as tutoring, athletics, band, orchestra, field trips, special programs and more qualify for the tax credit. Donations must be made to the school district, but directly towards a specific activity at a specific school.
4. How do I donate?
To make a donations in person or by mail: simply complete and print the form: Tax Credit Donation Form. You may also contact the District Business Office to obtain the form. Your contribution can be delivered in person or mailed, along with your check, to Gadsden Elementary School District #32. 

Early College Program

The Early College Program provides various alternative student-centered strategic platforms to an early head start for college. The Gadsden Elementary School District No. 32, offers program opportunities through innovative partnerships with our community college, state universities, American College Test [ACT] initiatives, ACT prep programs (American College Test and the Advanced ACT Math After School Tutoring), and with the Center for Talented Youth Program at Johns Hopkins University. 
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Principal's Message

Welcome to Gadsden Elementary School’s Website!
I am Cecilia Arvizo, the proud Principal for Gadsden Elementary School (GES) and want to welcome you to our outstanding school. I have been in education for twenty-nine years and I feel honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work with outstanding educators, students, parents, district, and community! Living and teaching in the community has provided me with a wealth of experiences and opportunities which I will rely upon as I serve my Gadsden family.
Sharing the common goal of student success is what motivates GES teachers, staff and I to do our personal best to meet every child’s educational and personal goals to become an outstanding member of society. We are committed to the achievement of every student in a safe learning environment. We take pride in the education of our students. Our ultimate mission is to ensure our students succeed in our community and in a global society by preparing them to be life-long learners, college and career ready.
Our school motto that we live by is “Dream, Believe, and Achieve!” Our staff, students, parents and community believe in the endless possibilities for our students which are why we empower our students through their talents via extra-curricular activities that include: GES band, Girls Who Code, ACT class, robotics, music, technology, media, gifted, PE, science fair, science clubs, intramurals and more. Technology based learning for all students is our common practice at GES. We strive to prepare our Panther students with tools to persevere in life and in the world. Pursuing and reaching student academic and social success for our students is our priority.
I thank you in advance for all your support, dedication and commitment to our students. Together we can make great things happen at GES. We are making a difference in our students’ lives.
Cecilia Arvizo
GES Principal

District Goals

1. Establish District wide safety protocols to maintain a safe learning environment for all with the assistance of Law Enforcement and other agencies. 
2. Schools will continue to improve towards achieving an A.
3. Recruitment efforts will continue for all classrooms to have an appropriate certified teacher.
4. Increase English language proficiency for 100% of our students. 
5. Continue competitive academic and extracurricular activities within the district.
6. Continue recognition programs for all students, employees, community members, and local partnerships.
7. Governing Board Members will continue participation in school functions. 
8. Continue to explore innovations and expand opportunities in technology.
9. Promote positive, responsible, and ethical social media behavior for everyone.
10. To offer individualized support and strategies to promote equity for all schools. 

District Policies

Our district policies can be found on the ASBA Policies Website.
Our policies are categorized as follows:
A. Foundations and Basic Commitment
B. School Board
C. General School Administration
D. Fiscal Management
E. Support Services
F. Facilities Development
G. Personnel
H. Meet and Confer
I. Instructional Program
J. Students
K. School/Community Relations
L. Education Agency
Dream, Believe, and Achieve