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Special Education System

Special Education Staff Roles:
Resource Teachers/LD Teachers: Work with students in Resource Room in small groups or one-on-one to assist in the area of academics, as well as social/emotional, behavioral and various other student needs in or out of the mainstream classroom.
Psychologist: Involved in assessment of cognitive ability of students and in planning for strategies and ideas to ensure student success. In addition to this, the psychologists assist in curriculum modification and consultation with parents and teachers.

School Counselor: The school counselor helps students by assisting them in making decisions and changing behavior. The purpose of guidance and counseling is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities in a productive and preventive manner which ensures that all students can achieve school success through academic, career, and personal/social development.

Behavior Specialist: Leads and supports the members of the school staff in various aspects of assuring that effective and efficient behavioral intervention and support systems are in place to support continuous academic progress of students.
Speech-Language Pathologist: Involved in the assessment of students who demonstrate speech (articulation, fluency, voice) problems and/or language (expressive and receptive) difficulties. Works with students who have been diagnosed with speech and/or language difficulties.
OT(Occupational Therapist): Works with students on fine motor skills and strategies in their writing and strengthening. Also consults in a variety of ways for students.
Para Educators: Assist students throughout their school day, as needed.